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See us at Bett 2008

December 17, 2007

For all of us at Amazing Learning, BETT is very much like a second Christmas: it us gives a break from our usual work, and a great chance to enjoy some time with the people we care about - our customers! We also get excited about meeting new customers and to catching up with what everyone else is doing to develop the use of technology in education.

Over the last year, our range of web-based applications and courses has grown into a comprehensive catalogue of innovative and exciting e-learning products. We've been very busy helping people become amazing, and we can't wait to tell everyone about it in person: We've sparked entrepreneurial passion in students from primary level to further education, we've provided businesses, teachers and students the knowledge and the tools to meet targets, fulfill potential and at the same combat stress and ensure their wellbeing. We're currently building an online community where teachers and other professionals can support each other through sharing resources. We've also continued to work with our current users to improve our more established products, and create bespoke solutions to fulfill client needs. All this within the last year!

Members from our content, sales and design teams will all be there to discuss the intricacies of our products and how they can benefit your school, your business, or yourself. If you'd like come and speak to one of us, please pre-arrange an appointment using the form below. If you can, let us know which day you would like to meet, and an approximate time. We hope to see you there...