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Teaching package encourages young to be entrepreneurs

November 23, 2007

Thousands of students are being taught to be the entrepreneurs of the future using lessons which feature videos of a domineering headmaster and the theory of risk-taking in conker games.

Newcastle-based company Amazing Learning has developed the Enterprise Kebab learning system which is aimed at encouraging a risk-taking culture among youngsters.

It has already been used on 20,000 students in the region and because of its popularity is poised to be seen by thousands more and help reverse the North-East’s poor record on business start-ups.

Amazing Learning managing director Jane Bell said: “We’ve been building materials to encourage entrepreneurship for some years now, but we made superhuman efforts to ensure Enterprise Kebab is the best thing we’ve ever done. We’re absolutely delighted at the reaction from young people, as well as their teachers and parents. In 2005 around 5,000 secondary schoolchildren used the programme and by the end of this year around 20,000 North-East youngsters will have used it.”

Enterprise Kebab is the overall name for a kit of parts consisting of software, web portal, websites, on-line game, and video and features a character called Eddie Enterprise.

Ms Bell added: “For younger students, there’s Biz-e-Town, an online game which lets them start a virtual business. They choose what to sell, design the shop front, decide on a name and choose the opening hours – with all activities tied closely to the National Curriculum. Older learners can build a real online business, write a business plan, access an enterprise portal to answer all their questions, and watch a full-length video ‘The Conkerers’, a hard-hitting black comedy that shows how enterprising behaviour can apply to any activity – even playing conkers.”

Source: THE JOURNAL Newspaper 23/11/2007