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November 11, 2007

Did you ever envisage the day when Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough would work together to create premier league coaching opportunities?

Euro 2008 qualifiers have shown us how important people believe the skills of a ‘coach’ are to a football team’s success. Compare the scorn heaped on the head of Steve McClaren for failing to harness the energies of his highly paid high profile squad to the praise given to Alex McLeish for his inspirational ability to raise the game of his passionate but less well known players.

Great coaches make a difference in all walks of life and a ‘squad’ of North East companies have developed a suite of coaching programmes designed for anyone who has responsibility for the performance of others.

Jane Bell, Managing Director of Amazing Learning Ltd, the educational software company in Newcastle says, "We are all disappointed that England didn’t make it to Euro 2008 and there will be plenty of contrary views expressed about Steve McClaren as a manager especially regarding his apparent lack of ability to consistently access the ability of the players."

Jane added, "We have seen the importance of coaching to managers and leaders in a number of organisations too, and wanted to develop a collaboration with coaching experts to give businesses support in realising the potential of their teams. Our partners Peak and New Horizons Coaching and Consultancy have developed coaching courses which can make a real difference to the performance of every team".

Matt Somers, Sunderland based Peak’s founder, offers these top tips for coaching success:

"In top level sport the difference is mental not technical so be a great coach you need to be able to listen, create focus, motivate, and ensure your players learn from failure as well as success".

Matt added, "In this respect, football teams are no different from any group of employees who look upon their manager to help them perform to the best of their ability and get the required results. Like football coaches, many managers in business struggle with this responsibility but, perhaps fortunately, get more opportunities to turn things around. We believe in the adage that people join companies, but leave managers. Leaders and managers need to understand the skills of coaching so that they can get results through their teams without having to resort to table-thumping".

The three businesses have collaborated to produce two online coaching courses – Coaching for Results and Coaching for Change. The courses are suitable for anyone who has responsibility for the performance of others – whether they are people at work, in sport or at school.

Anne Pink, executive coach of New Horizons Coaching in Middlesbrough is delighted to be involved with the project, "Taking one of these courses will increase your skills as a good performance coach, enabling those in your team to achieve successful outcomes quicker than they might do on their own. You will gain the motivation and ability to raise your game and achieve goals and targets through effective coaching skills".

Jane Bell adds, "Coaching skills are a must-have skill for managers now, and one that has to be learned", Matt Somers agrees, "Coaching means you've got to influence from the sidelines rather than on the field of play and this can be as difficult a transition for the ex-salesperson or ex-machinist as for the ex-footballer".

The three businesses are running a competition in which people can win a free Coaching for Change course (worth £395) and a free personal one-to-one coaching session with Anne Pink (worth £100). Entrants just need to fill in their details at The closing date is 21 December.