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amazing grades is an online education package that gives you access to a wealth of educational resources for 14 to 19 year-olds, all screened, vetted and annotated by educational experts. In 2001, our team of subject specialist teachers started compiling the best online resources to take the risk and uncertainty out of studying using the Internet. Today, they have reviewed, rated, individually annotated and mapped to the curriculum over 20,000 resources for more than 35 subjects (and growing by the day) for 14 to 19 year-olds. These are not all the resources on a particular topic - they are just the best ones. The resources are ranked by relevance and learning style and every single resource states who it is for and why it is useful, which saves time and guarantees accuracy when studying online.

amazing grades is useful for:

  • Students who want to supplement their learning, access help on homework subjects, and help prepare and revise for up and coming examinations
  • Teachers preparing for lessons, drawing up lesson plans, and accessing additional information linked to the curriculum; Schools who want to provide their students an additional learning resource
  • Parents who want to help their children study smarter, and achieve the best grades possible.

amazing grades is a subscription based service. Schools can buy a licence to use the site which enables students to access the resources from home and from school. If the school does not have a current subscription, parents can buy an individual licence that will give their child their own account.


Subject Resources: amazing grades boasts comprehensive coverage of subjects for GCSE and AS/A2 level subjects, but also features resources for a wider range of qualifications - iGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB) Scottish Highers and Standard Grades. We now have subjects that cover a variety of vocational courses within the National Qualifications Framework at levels 1-3, including NVQs, BTECs and the forthcoming Diplomas.

Search or Browse: amazing grades incorporates the features of a standard search engine, but every possible result has been hand-picked by one of our team of teachers. You can also browse our growing range of subjects section by section.

Past Exam Papers: Access to past exam papers by age group, subject and exam board.

Real Life: 'Real Life' area including advice on gap year, university, further study, health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Revision Podcasts: For students who always have their iPodTM earphones in, amazing grades has the answer. Our excellent audio revision guides, written by teachers and read by celebrities, such as Harry Hill, Al Murray, David Cameron and Sir Trevor McDonald, inspire children to learn and can be downloaded to any mp3 player, so they're ideal for study on the go.


  • Search more than 20,000 useful educational resources, ranked, rated and annotated by professional teachers, rather than wasting time trawling through millions of results on Internet search engines.
  • Effectively offers students the support of an extra 30 tutors to help with their revision.
  • Useful across a range of ages, whether by university students seeking a way into more complex topics they may not previously have covered, mature students revisiting their school education for new responsibilities in the workplace, or parents wanting to brush up on their general knowledge.
  • Audio revision guides, written by teachers and read by celebrities, are ideal for study on the go, and can be downloaded to any mp3 player, making revision easier all round.
  • Safe environment free from the dangers of pop-ups and unsuitable material. Every single site has been rated and reviewed by a teacher, guaranteeing its relevance and suitability, as well as children's security.

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Who is it for?

Students and teachers within secondary education, to assist with studies and exam revision in a variety of subject areas.


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